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  • We reduce the cost of employee benefitinsurance for companies, unions, local governments, and other institutions and keep excellent levels of coverage.
  • We believe that there is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity. We have a strong work ethic, and nearly four decades of experience.

With no obligation, please get in touch with us so that we can help you reduce the costs of insurance premiums for your institution, or our service is free.

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This website is for employers, union members and reps, financial and/or human resources managers who need expert help in reducing the cost of their group insurance plans in Vancouver WA, or getting more valued benefits for the same price.

Facing Budget cuts?Reducing operating expenses? Shaving overhead? DON'T TOUCH THAT DELETE BUTTON! We know your pain. We've gone through it. We know how it is.

Times are tough, but we're tougher on insurance companies. We can save you money or improve your benefits plan, guaranteed! Or it's free!

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Providing you high quality independent insurance brokerage services, we specialize in Employee Benefit Insurance planning and design to groups of all sizes including school districts,municipalities, hospitals, local financial institutions and manufacturing industries, all in either union or non-union environments.

Our 35 years of experience in Employee Benefit Insurance in Vancouver WA plus our renown integrity, professionalism, and dedication to our client -- rather than our pocketbook -- come shining through when we help groups save lots of insurance premium dollars or improve their employee insurance benefits for the same price.

We are American Union Insurance Services Inc. Our clients also know us as American Union, AUIS or just AUI.

Our products include more than a dozen types of group insurance policies and funding choices:

  • Cafeteria/Flex Spending Plans
  • Comparative Analysis of Premium Funding
  • Group and Individual/Family Dental
  • Group and Individual/Family Life
  • Group and Individual Long Term Care
  • Group and Individual/Family Medical
  • HSA-Health Saving Accounts
  • HR Resource Referral Center
  • Partial and Fully Self-Funded Premium Plans
  • Group and Individual Disability Income
  • Protection for Short and Long Term Disabilities
  • Vision Plans for Groups and Individuals/Family
  • Group Voluntary Plans

If your organization, employer or union is located in either Oregon or Washington State, then please reach out to us with no obligation at:

  • Phone: (360) 210-7046
  • Fax: (360) 210-7684

We can help you save money or get more for your money you spend on your group insurance plans.

Your Confidentiality is Guaranteed.

Employee Insurance Vancouver WA

With employee benefits becoming a large complex and multifaceted challenge for most groups,every person at American Union lives and breathes these personal work ethics: We use the highest levels of INTEGRITY and .....

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